Which countries in Europe have the highest and lowest childcare costs?

In the UK families could spend a whopping 75% of their monthly income on childcare, which discourages women from going back to work.

Sarah Ronan once had to resign from a job because she couldn't afford childcare.

Far from being a rare example, it's a story that's all-too-familiar in the UK, which has some of the highest childcare costs in Europe, and where women are actively discouraged from going back into the workplace after starting a family, because of the expenses involved.

“Like many p

Art and Resistance: Making murals to protest against Iran's crackdown

As the "Women, Life, Freedom" movement in Iran continues amid the fierce backlash from the government, Euronews Culture spoke to Ghazaleh Rastgar, a Persian multidisciplinary artist who's spreading her message around the globe painting murals in support of the revolution.

Half a year has passed since the murder of Mahsa Amini at the hands of the religious morality police in Iran, but the “Women, Life, Freedom” revolution still continues despite the Iranian government's severe crackdown.


A final word for Anne Perry: The crime writer who committed murder

The late writer sold more than 26 million copies, was featured alongside Agatha Christie in The Times's list of 100 "masters of crime", and had a Peter Jackson-directed biographical murder film made on her teenaged life.

In case you missed it earlier this month, Anne Perry, who died in Los Angeles at the age of 84, was a writer with an incredible story of her own.

The London-born bestselling author of more than 120 historical crime fiction books also served a five-year person sentence for murd

Be Like Mike? Bidding starts for MJ's 1998 NBA Finals sneakers

Nostalgia and celebrity sportwear make a compelling mix for collectors. Michael Jordan's 1998 NBA Finals sneakers are all set to become the most expensive shoes ever to be sold at an auction.

Get ready sneakerheads and basketball fans alike, an iconic pair of sneakers worn by Michael Jordan himself are currently up for auction and are set to break an all-time record!

Sotheby’s is selling the Nike sneakers, which MJ wore during Game 2 of the 1998 NBA Finals - his final season with the Chicago B

What killed Beethoven? New research finds cause of composer's death

New research published in the journal Current Biology uses DNA sequencing to uncover that the great composer did not die from lead poisoning after all...

In 1802, at the age of just 32, Ludwig van Beethoven wrote a letter to his brothers requesting that a post-mortem autopsy be performed on him to find the cause of his malady – his increasing deafness.

By the time the German musical genius passed away at age 56 in 1827, he was completely deaf and suffered from liver cirrhosis amongst other chr

Mo Māori, no problem: Oxford English Dictionary includes Māori words

The oldest Māori word in this new update is 'whenua' meaning ‘land or piece of land belonging to a Māori person or native land of a Māori group.’

The Oxford English Dictionary, recognised worldwide as the principal English language dictionary and home to 600,000 words anthologised over 1000 years, has published the first of its four updates for 2023.

This month's update includes more than 1400 revised entries and the addition of 700 new words such as ‘deepfake’, ("a video of a person that has

The ancient ritual of rain-making across different cultures

While some cultures dance to invoke rain, others revere special figures. The practice of rain-making rituals and prayers goes back centuries and can be found in many different cultures and religions around the world.

A week ago, 250 farmers in a small village in drought-stricken Spain gathered together in a special Mass to pray for rainfall.

Three years of low rainfall and high temperatures have plunged the Western European country into a long-term drought which is now threatening drinking wat

Dahi Baray: Recipe for the Popular South Asian Lentil Fritters

As Muslims around the world celebrate Eid-u-Fitr at the end of the holy month of Ramadan, the Euronews Culture team brings you another recipe for a popular dish that has a special place at the Ramadan table and is a must on the Eid menu.

As Muslims around the world celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr at the end of the holy month of Ramadan, the Euronews Culture team brings you another recipe from the Ramadan table.

This time we’re looking at South Asia, home to one-third of the world’s Muslims, where Eid is

How is Nowruz (Persian New Year) celebrated worldwide?

Nowruz is celebrated by 300 million people worldwide as the start of Spring and of the Persian New Year. Amidst fire dances, gift exchanges, and other rituals, in every household, the table is set with the "haftseens" of Nowruz.

Millions of people around the world are celebrating Nowruz, the Persian New Year.

Nowruz which literally means “New Day” in Persian, is on the first day of Spring (usually March 21st) by more than 300 million people in countries spanning the Balkans, the Black Sea Basi

Europe's best music festivals you might not have heard of

Missed out on tickets to Glastonbury or Coachella? No worries, here are some of the best music festivals across Europe you might not have heard with plenty of tickets left.

Who doesn't love a music festival. That moment when the sun is out, you have a cool drink in one hand, your friends by your side, and one of your favourite bands is blasting out their best tunes; there's little better.

After multiple years of cancelled music festivals, this is the second summer where all the main names are

What are your Top Five Nicolas Cage films?

Nicolas Cage recently revealed his Top Five best performances on screen. We took it upon ourselves to suggest five alternatives...

With a filmography as eclectic as Nicolas Cage’s, you try picking out a favourite.

Still, that’s exactly what the prolific actor did recently, when appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote his new film Renfield, in which he plays Transylvanian vampire Count Dracula.

The actor replied: “I’m going to start with Pig. That’s my favourite movie I’ve e

What do you really know about St. Patrick's Day?

There’s more to this holiday than just an excuse to drink pints of Guinness...

For more than 1000 years, St. Patrick’s Day has been celebrated in Ireland every year on 17 March.

Over the years, the religious holiday commemorating the death of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, has metamorphosed into a day of celebrating Irish culture through parades, music, special foods, dances and a lot of green - the colour commonly associated with the saint.

Many symbols and legends associated wi

Oscars hustings: Why each film deserves to win Best Picture

The Oscars are this weekend and the Euronews Culture team walks you through each Best Picture 2023 nominee and explains why each film deserves to win

The Oscars are this weekend (Sunday 12 in the US – the wee hours of Monday morning for mainland Europe), and the Best Picture category is an especially diverse one this year.

While the frontrunner seems to be Everything Everywhere All At Once, there’s always scope for a potential upset or surprise win come the final award of the big night.


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